Sunday, April 29, 2012

Queen Janet and King Marty

Sunday we went to Bodega Bay to celebrate our 45th anniversary and two friends’ birthdays.  We all had these events fall within a couple of weeks.  We decided we should get together and celebrate.  This started out as a lovely pot luck at Janet R and Frank’s  home in Bodega Bay.  And then it became a wonderful party given by Frank and Janet.

We met at their house, drank some champagne, and then went to the Blessing of the Fleet. 


Janet R took a picture of the circle of friends.  Then we all piled into one car and went to the Blessing of the Fleet.


Boats were loaded down with people.  It is a small fleet in Bodega Bay.  This is a working fleet that fishes for crab, salmon, whatever is in season.  This is not just weekend boaters.  We had Coast Guard, the Sheriff’s boat and then several working boats.

Then it was back to Janet’s and Frank’s for more champagne, appetizers, and lunch.

Marty and I were still celebrating our 45th anniversary, Janet R a big birthday, and Kirsten, our baby friend, a birthday. Marty and I thought this was a party for everyone.  But it became all about us.  Not fair, but I loved it.


Sir Frank preparing to read an important proclamation.


 Sir Frank still talking.  Birthday Girl, Lady Janet R, recording the event.  The court dog Topper joining in.


Our Court Jester, Karl.


Birthday Girl, Kirsten, is being pinned as a Vestal Virgin ??? We were laughing so hard we aren’t sure what her title is.  We are pretty sure the title is wrong.  The woman is married with a son.


Our Virgin is messing around with the Court Jester.


Sir Frank crowns King Marty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              IMG_0180

King Marty and Queen Janet.


Again, the Royal Couple.


Sir Frank and Court Jester Karl  are ready for the royal lunch.  Sir Frank was also our chef.

We had such a fun time.  What great friends to have costumes, crowns, and wonderful food for us.  These are friends that have laughed with us, cried with us, cursed with us, partied with us.  These are our dear FRIENDS.

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Anonymous said...

wow, you guys know how to have fun!