Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Very Formal Wedding and Yuck

Monday there were several weddings.  One was spectacular!  And we had an ugly sight in the lobby.

Let’s start with the ugly first.  I came around the corner and there was a sight to gag a maggot.  A young man was leaning over a counter and all I could see was his rear in the air and his tighty whities.  His jeans were below his hips.  It is bad enough when it is boxers in your face.  But puleeeese, thin white briefs.  Yuck. 

Now to the beauty.  The bride and groom were from Tonga.  Large beautiful people.  The groom wore a white shirt, white tie, and a white suit.  He was a nervous wreck.  I was afraid he was going to pass out.  He broke out in a sweat and became pale.  He made it through OK.

The bride was wearing the family dress and veil.  It was an incredible dress.  The veil was almost waist length tulle and around the edge were little lace flowers.  The dress was full skirted satin.  It had long sleeves that came to a point on the top of her hands.  It was floor length with a cathedral train.  The bodice, front and back, was covered in seed pearls and lace as were the points of the sleeves.  The bottom of the skirt and edge of the train were cut work lace flowers with the center of the flowers made of seed pearls.  There were pearl flowers with lace appliques scattered over the skirt.  Magnificent.

We see a lot of wedding dresses.  We get used to pretty dresses.  Usually the ones that we talk about are tacky, trashy, trampy.  This dress had clerks asking others did you see the dress in the lobby.  Did you see the gorgeous dress?  Go walk through the lobby, look at that beautiful dress. 

I wish I could have taken a picture of the dress and shared with you.  But we have to protect the privacy of our customers.

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