Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 8, 1967

I met Marty in early February, 1966.  It was a really interesting blind date.  And after that first date, I didn’t think I would see him ever again.  He said those words that every woman knows is the kiss of death,  “I’ll call you sometime.”  But he did call, and we began to date. 

I was teaching in Kentucky, but I had accepted a job in Florida for the next year.  By April I was terrified Marty would let me take the job.  He was being the good person and letting me decide which job I wanted.  I didn’t give a damn about a job.  I was in love with him and wanted to be where ever he was.  We worked that out and in August he asked me to marry him.  We set the date for April 8, 1967.

our weddingIt was a lovely wedding.

our wedding 3

Marty and me with with my parents, Anna and Papa Jack.

 our wedding 4

Marty and me with his parents, Happy and Dolly.

If you do the math you will come up with 45 years of marriage.  Marriage is a wonderful adventure if you do it right.  To be with someone you love and who loves you is the best.  Not everyone gets that life.  We are very lucky to have each other. 

We work at our marriage, sometimes one is working harder than the other.  Marriage is sometimes a 50 – 50 deal.  Many times it is 99 -  1.  Over 45 years that works out to be even. 

Life is not an easy adventure.  There are illnesses, transfers that are hard and scary, deaths, and just unfair shit goes down.  Being with Marty has made me feel safe, brave, and independent.  I think I have made him laugh and relax in life, I hope I  have allowed him to be what he wants.  I have supported him in all things to the best of my ability.

Neither of us are saints. Well, he might be a saint.  He didn’t kill me as I went through the menopause.  We care for each other, we love each other, and are looking forward to another 40 years or so together.  We come from long lived people.

Happy Anniversary, Marty!  I love you.

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