Sunday, April 15, 2012

Great Customer Service

Several years ago Marty came in with a Jumbo Potato Cutter.  I thought this was a waste of money.  I can slice a potato.   Well, I fell in love with this gadget.  One pull and a whole potato in perfect slices.  We use it all the time.  I then take it apart, wash it, and set it on the back of the stove to dry.  One time the stove was still hot and the pusher (yes that is what the part is called) melted just a little bit.  Dumb me.  I have ruined my favorite kitchen toy.

I went on line looking for the pusher to replace the ruined one.  I couldn’t find parts, only the whole cutter with slicers and pushers.  I didn’t want to pay for everything, just one little part.  I googled the  company, Progressive International Corp, found a contact, and emailed her. 

In less than 24 hours I had a response.  The woman told me the cost of the parts.  I wasn’t clear on the price, I replied and she responded again in 48 hours.  Impressive.

The part I wanted cost a whopping $3.00 for the part and shipping.  That is why I had written her again.  That wasn’t enough.  But yes it was.  I sent a check for $3.00, and in less than a week I had my new pusher.  The cost of mailing was $1.90.  That left $1.10 for handling, the part’s price, and profit. 

I am impressed with the quick response to me.  The whole cutter is not expensive, but the cheap price of the part is mind blowing.  How this company can afford it I don’t understand.  We have bought parts for other equipment and it has been almost as much as a  new machine. 

If you like gadgets, the potato cutter is great.  It will cut other things such as carrots, cucumbers, boiled eggs.  It is a cool gadget. 

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