Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bicyclists / Stupid People

Regular readers know I really really dislike dodging bicyclists.  Most run stop signs and red lights.  The majority never signal.  Some ride in the middle of the lane and you can’t get around them.  Some ride 2 or 3 across a lane instead of single file.  They ride on the street and then up on the sidewalk, and back down on the street.  They turn left from the far right lane.  Pedestrians have been killed by bicyclists.

They scare me to death because if we hit them, they don’t have much of a chance.  And we then have to live with hurting or killing someone even if it wasn’t our fault.  So I really don’t like bikes on the road with me.

Our son Erik and his wife ride their bikes everywhere.  To go eat, to the grocery, to San Francisco, all over the Bay Area.  They are healthy with legs of iron.

Last night I was catching up on his blog.  And low and behold he had biked to work.  On his way home a passenger in a parked car opened her door on the traffic side.  Unfortunately Erik was right there.  He hit the door, sailed over the handlebars and landed on a parked car.  He is going to be fine.  But he missed a day of work, and is still hurting.  Nothing broken, no concussion, and only light damage to his bike. 

Stupid people in cars. 


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kiwi 2468 said...

Farewell.Sorry to have bothered you.