Monday, May 21, 2012

Belated Mother’s Day By The Hardest

To catch everyone up: Erik was in a bike wreck, so our Mother’s Day time was postponed a week.  Saturday he called to move from a brunch to dinner, their bikes had been stolen again.  They were hitting swap meets to find them.  I was sick, look at the this and this if you want details. 

Erik arrived excited, they had found his bike, and a neighbor’s.  Jennifer’s is still out there.  We then talked about how very ill my mother is.  Problems going on here and there.  Then I did what I do all the time.  I said I needed 1-800-Erik.  My Outlook had gone bonkers and refused my password.  We couldn’t find how to get a new password, how to find out your old password, it wouldn’t send or receive email.  He fixed it!  He looked through my programs and rearranged one or two and was done.  He said he was proud of Marty and me and our use of computers.  Many of his friends’ parents can’t do any thing without causing major problems.  Yay for us.

I felt so bad, and the coughing sounded disgusting, so we didn’t go out to dinner.  He called Chu, one of my favorite restaurants and ordered take out.  A few minutes after he and Marty left to pick it up, Marty called.  He said get a piece of paper and punch a pinhole.  I then remembered the eclipse.  I had been wondering why the shadows were so strange.  Below are some pictures I took during the eclipse.  Be sure to click on them to enlarge the pictures.


Reflections of the sun on the fence.


Another part of the fence.


Erik held my paper up to the side of the house and got this reflection.  Notice the angle of the visible sun is just a little different.


This is the best picture I took.


The dining room: reflections on Marty, the wall, and the floor.


More in the dining room.

After the fun picture taking, we ate our wonderful dinner.  We continued to watch the reflections on the wall and floor in the dining room.


Marty and Erik have a new game on their phone, Draw Free.  It is a fun app. 

I had a fun enjoyable Mother’s Day even if I felt bad.  Sitting around talking with your son and husband is pretty nice.

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vallerose said...

The eclipse was special. We watched it through several layers of those dark glasses you get when your eyes are dilated. I felt I had a front for seat to watch from our deck.
That's terrible about the bikes. I'm glad Erik found his. Hope you and he feel better.