Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sequins , Sagging Pants, Tattoos

Monday was almost busy at the Marriage Factory.  I did 5 wedding ceremonies over three and 1/2 hours.  There was a wide difference in the looks of the couples.

My first couple were really really good looking.  She wore a white pencil skirt, silver sequined blouse, and a tightly fitted cream jacket. She wore high heel sandals.  He wore black slacks and vest with a gray long sleeved shirt.  The bride was from Poland and her sentences were clear but sometimes not complex. After the wedding she said, "You now husband.  My husband and ex boyfriend." I thought well, that is perfectly true.

Another couple just made me laugh inside.  They were so cute, young yet had two toddlers.  I watched him walk up to me.  He walked like a crab, sideways. Or as if both legs were in casts.  He had sagging pants.  The crotch was almost below his knees.  He had one hand in the pocket holding the pants up.  I nearly bit a hole in my cheek to keep from laughing at him.  It was just too funny.

One couple and their guests were heavily tattooed. A female guest had multiple skulls above her breasts.  Her arms and legs were tattooed.  The other females had flower tattoos and words. The groom had lots of tattoos on his neck and arms. The bride had multiple sentences down one arm,  Her chest was heavily covered as were her legs.  The bride had plugs the size of silver dollars and multiple piercing in and on her ears.  Her face had multiple piercings.  The groom had smaller plugs and multiple piercings.  Now I am not telling this to judge, but to let you visualize this group. Tattoos, plugs, piercings, this is an exotic far out group.  Nope, they were almost conservative.

The bride wore a squared necked blue dress, very fifties looking. The dress had short sleeves and a flared skirt.  She wore white wedges.  Our bride had two white roses in her hair and carried a bouquet of yellow roses. He wore black slacks, black shirt, and a black vest.  Their friends were so excited and taking hundreds of pictures.  I thought this exotic couple would want a non traditional ceremony.  They wanted the fluffiest sweetest ceremony I had. This was the most fun group and sweetest group of the day.

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