Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Week’s Weddings Part 2

 I did bare bone civil ceremonies for couples who had had a cultural wedding.  There were ceremonies for couples who had been together for years and years.  One of the couples, the groom was 54, the bride was 68.  He had never been married, this was her fifth marriage. One clerk said we will see her back next year.

One ceremony the bride was crying, not much but there were tears.  The groom was so worried.  He kept saying, “Don’t be sad, don’t be sad.”  She told him she wasn’t sad, just very emotional.

Not being unkind, but one couple looked a little strange together.  She was tall and big boned, not fat, just big boned.  He was tiny, tiny.  He looked like a jockey.  Maybe I thought that because the Kentucky Derby Festival was this week.  Anyway he was very emotional during his vows and cried.

When Marty dropped me off at the County Building on Wednesday, we saw a long dress and flowers heading toward the front door.  Well, there was a woman in the dress.   I lucked out and the couple spoke English and I was to do the ceremony.  She was from Italy and he was from Argentina.  They spoke English with heavy accents. 

The dress was one shouldered with a drape at the  bodice.  It was a silver blue heavy satin that went to the floor. The skirt was gored.  It was fitted to just mid thigh and they gently flared out.

The bride had a tiny “diamond” glued by one eye and another one on her check.  Her bare shoulder had a swirl of larger “diamonds”.  All very tasteful.  All very gorgeous.  Her bouquet was a mixture of pastel flowers.   The groom wore a rich blue suit with a blue shirt and tie.  They looked fabulous.

It was a busy week and fun.  I love this volunteer job.


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