Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kaiser part 2

Well, the phone call from the doctor did not work as planned.  I yelled at the stupid clerk who I called to try again.  She finally quit trying to be a nurse and put me through to the real nurse.  That went well, she lined me up with another doctor who called in the set time. 

Marty is off to Kaiser to pick up antibiotics and an inhaler for me.  I am not infectious. And should be fine by the time I go through the drugs.  Tomorrow I will stay home and rest.  No weddings on Monday for me.

Maybe I will put some Vick's in the steam iron and finish ironing Marty's shirts.

PS:  I just realized some of you are probably confused.  I volunteer at Kaiser school.  Our health plan is Kaiser Permanente. Two separate places.  Kaiser is a popular name in the East Bay.

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