Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Week’s Weddings Part 1

I am complaining all the time about couples not responding when I call for them.  Or when everyone isn’t there, even if they say they are.  Or maybe the rudest are the couples that just sit when you call their names.  They just look at you.  Those I can outwait.  They don’t respond, I leave the lobby. 

Wednesday, the morning volunteer was ranting about the same behavior.  She called names and nothing.  Four times, no response.  When they finally heard her they said the crying babies kept them from hearing her.  There were no crying babies in the lobby.  So let’s go upstairs.  Can’t, the groom is outside somewhere.  She was livid.  Glad to know I am not the only one who gets ticked off.

Monday and Wednesday afternoons I did a total of 11 weddings.  Clerks did 3 or 4 non English ceremonies.  We were cranking them out.  On Wednesday I did 5 weddings in 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Everyone got pictures, everyone felt special. 

One bride wore a long white dress and wore a beautiful gold tiara.  The tiara had been a gift to her daughter when she was a baby.  Mom had asked to wear it on her special day.  I asked if they had their own vows, she did.  On her phone. I start the ceremony.  We come to the vows, the bride goes on her phone to where the vows are.  Except she couldn’t find them.  It took forever to find them.  Sort of killed the feel of the wedding as she scrolled through texts.  I now know to tell them to pull up the vows before the ceremony starts.  Always on a learning curve.

One groom wanted to do a bible reading.  Even though it is a civil wedding, I have no problem with that.  So he read Ephesians 5: 22-33.  Some of that reading I do have problems with.  But I wasn’t marrying him.  His bride just rolled her eyes while he read it.  He was very serious when he said his own vows.  She was still rolling her eyes.

While they were in the Marriage Desk Office, she saw our decorated broom for the Jumping the Broom ceremony.  She wanted a picture of them jumping the broom.  He wasn’t happy, but knew when to say yes dear.

Part 2 this weekend.

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