Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back to the Marriage Factory

I didn’t get to the Marriage Factory until 2:00.  Marty had tires put on the car and it took a lot longer than the plan.  When I walked in everyone was so happy I was back.  So happy, I hadn’t put my purse down let alone in the drawer, that a license was handed to me immediately.  And 2 hours later I sat down at my desk.

My first couple were both in their mid fifties.  Neither had been married.  They were both in uniforms like a mechanic would wear.  I felt they had just come from work. The bride had a shaved head with a little stubble.  I don’t know if it was a fashion statement or she was a chemo patient.  They were both so very quiet and serious; until the vows.  They were grinning from ear to ear.  Such beautiful smiles.

As I came out of the Wedding Room, a supervisor asked if I would help train a new hire.  It was one of the young men from the Deli.  If you remember these kids have aged out of the foster care program.  They worked at the Deli to get training and experience to help them have a good life.  He was a great worker.  And now he has a job that could build to a life’s career.  So he went with me for 2 weddings.  I explained what I do, checking licenses, how to control the room, how to make the couple comfortable, and on and on.  By next week he should be marrying couples on his own.

Couple two had had a cultural (Indian) wedding.  Today was the one for the government. They were very modern,  but were dressed traditionally.  Their witness told me they had been in jeans when she arrived at their house.  She had insisted they wear traditional clothes.  He wore a suit and turban,  the bride had on a gorgeous sari and the traditional bangle bracelets.  This was not an arranged marriage, big kiss at the end.  Most couples from India don’t even touch in public.

The third couple  met at the Rose Garden in Oakland.  She wore a black V neck flared skirt dress.  She wore three strands of pearls held together with a lovely diamond and sapphire clip.  She carried a single rose to refer back to how they met.

The last couple’s license had a problem.  The bride was so eager, she had signed her to be married name.  We had to reprint.  This couple had been together for 20 years.  Their 4 teenagers were the guests, and the oldest was the witness.  The kids were so excited, they were all taking pictures every second.  They did pictures and videos.  This couple was so in love.  Twenty years, yet they were like a young couple just starting out.  A really feel good moment.

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