Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gotta Love Kaiser

I have allergies, grasses, trees, grains, molds, most everything a little bit.  No problem eating something and dieing.  Just a combo of things give me sneezes, itches, runny nose, runny eyes, and sometimes a severe cough.  I have had allergies since a child.  I took shots for years, up into college age.  And then the problems calmed down some what.   I have controlled problems with over the counter sprays and pills.

Lately the Bay Area has been hell for those of us with allergies.  Even people (like Marty) who have never had allergies are suffering.   I have a bad cough even with prescription drugs.  I am so tired from coughing and my ribs hurt.  I feel like crap. After being fussed at by friends and Marty, I called Kaiser this morning. Please note this is a Sunday.

I called the advice nurse, talked to her about 10 minutes.  She told me some things to do, made sure I was not alone.  Then she set me up with a phone appointment with a doctor.  The doctor will be calling any minute.  She will decide if I need to come in today, need more drugs, or can wait to see my own doctor tomorrow.

This is why I love Kaiser.  I have medical advice/help 24/7. 

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