Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother’s Day, not the original plan

Yesterday as I was dressing Erik called.  He was feeling so bad from the bike wreck, he didn’t think either of us would enjoy the day. So we have declared Mother’s Day next Sunday.  That may become a tradition.  Last year Marty and I were out of town on Mother’s Day.

So I am all dressed up and no place to go.  Marty and I have wanted to see The Avengers and haven’t had time.  Yesterday we had time.  Really really fun and exciting movie.  Witty writing and eye candy for everyone.

We came home, played on our computers, and took long naps.  Marty then took me out for Thai food.

We went to a restaurant we go to often. (Let me explain why Marty wasn’t  dealing with the waiter, he is too nice.  He has way more patience that I do.)  The restaurant always has good service, good food.  It was Mother’s Day they were on overload, mainly with take out orders.  The big problem was they were understaffed.  There were empty tables, but no one to seat us. We were invisible, as were the people standing with us. Finally the waiter pointed to a table and we seated ourselves.  We have no menus or water.  Ten minutes later he seats people next to us, gave them menus and water.  He has now ticked me off.

I forgive small local restaurants a lot.  But not making me invisible.   Queen Janet explained the situation.  We got menus, wine, water, and an apology.  The meal was good as always, but so slow.  We finished and he asked if we wanted the leftovers boxed up,  yes.  The waiter brought the bag of food to us and walked off.  No bill.  Maybe they were giving me a Mother’s Day present. 

So I flag down the waiter and ask for the bill.  It took nearly 10 minutes for him to write the bill and bring it to us.  I guess he had had it with Queen Janet.  No orange slices, no mints on the tray.  He should be glad Marty was paying and not me.  If me, no tip on the tray.

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