Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Boring week update

As I posted over the weekend, I am icky sick.  The allergies are now a lung infection.  I sound disgusting,  wheezing, coughing, and feel so tired that I haven't left the house since Saturday.  That means folks I have very little to report.

I have no weddings to report on.  I have no cute stories about ducklings or first graders. 

I can report Marty has been great.  He picked up my prescriptions on Sunday.  He has cooked and helped cooked our meals.  He has washed dishes and wiped down the stove.  He has let me sleep during the day and late in the mornings.  And he has poured a lot of wine for me.  Thank goodness nothing on the drugs says Do Not Use Alcohol while taking this drug. 

I am better, just not ready to be in polite society.

Hey, I just realized one exciting thing, this is my 700th post.  That is a nice round number.

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