Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is this the right classroom?

I walked into Ms. H’s classroom and all the children were sitting on the carpet.  She asked them to say hello to me.  I looked at them and I had never seen these kids before.  Where were my first graders?

It turns out that Ms. H and another teacher were each doing a project for the whole first grade.  The other teacher is doing a sewing project with all the children.  They are making throw pillows and stitching their names on one side.  Ms. H is doing a poetry project. 

Ms. H said if I wanted to I could go to the other class and help with the sewing.  She is so evil.  She knows I can not do crafts of any kind.  I helped with the poetry.

Their science project is silk worms.  They have silk worms, the worms eat the mulberry leaves and then they spin their cocoons.  I have pictures of our silk worms.  You really need to click on them to see the details.


The silk worms are in a box that has cardboard egg cartons placed in it.  The egg shapes are the cocoons that were spun over the weekend.  We have one silk worm still eating, and one, bottom right, who is starting to spin his cocoon.


The worm has just started to spin.  Look to his left and you can see the fine thread.


The black dot(mouth I guess) is where the thread is spinning out.


Still chewing up that leaf.


Two cocoons that are complete.


Scary monster. Or silk worm up close.


Little worm spinning away.


Last shot of the busy silk worm. 

For more information on silkworms, click here and here.

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