Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Balboa Park Part 1

Today we had nice weather.  You could stand to be outside.  So Marty and I went to Balboa Park.  On each Tuesday certain museums are free for residents.  The parking is always free, and most of the gardens are free.  It is a gorgeous park: the plantings, buildings, walkways.  We spent several hours looking at three museums and the Botanical Garden.

The Hall of Champions, that took about 5 minutes.  We are not sports fans, unless it is University of Kentucky basketball.

The Automotive museum was great.  There is a special exhibit (that we had to pay a whopping $2.00 per person) on Steampunk.  The docent said this was an art form that makes you use your imagination.  How would the Victorians have made a plane, a ray gun, a time machine? Artists made some wonderful clothes, vehicles, guns.  I, as usual, have way too many pictures.  Be sure to click on them to enlarge them.  The detail on some of these things is just wonderful.



A warrior’s face mask.


I love this hat.  The huge magnifying light and the other gadgets.  Makes me want to go exploring.


This vehicle was huge, maybe 15 feet long. It is a time machine/killing plow.  The next picture is a note from the artist.


The lights to spotlight exhibits make for a poor picture.  I love the last line of this.


Isn’t this beautiful?  I loved this motorcycle.  Check out the horn.


This is for our son Erik.  Be sure to read this poster.  Batman rules.



Can you say Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?  The museum took one of their old cars and added the wings. 


Ray guns


This is a super sized bicycle for two.  The front two wheels are controlled by the person in the first seat.  The back wheels are controlled by the person in the next little seat.  The back seat is for passengers.


This is just what is says, the service craft for a dirigible. On the left side of the information stand is a booklet telling you how to operate the craft.

The above is just a portion of what we saw today.  This was so much fun, and really impressive with the art/technology.  I don’t know if this was a traveling exhibit or just local.  If it does comes to your area, do go see it. 

Tomorrow or the next day I will show some of the other things we saw today.  So stay tuned.

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