Monday, September 10, 2012

Thanks, but no thanks

This morning I was in the pool walking my laps and doing my arm exercises.  Marty comes down to the edge and says my phone rang and it was San Diego County.  Then he holds out the phone, over the pool , to me who is shoulder deep in the pool!  I told him to get my towel and I got out of the pool. (I drowned one phone here a year and a half ago.) If you missed a blog two back click here for background.   It was the clerk who had interviewed me and piled on all the paperwork.  Her supervisor told her that my blogging was a conflict of interest.  Thank you for offering to volunteer. 

Well, I wasn’t surprised.  I knew they couldn’t make an exception for me.  I do find it strange San Diego has all these restrictions, rules, medical checkups, and background checks. 

In Alameda County all the way to the top they know I blog.  I have given the link to some high ups.  The clerks know I blog and some read the blog. They know I won’t hurt the County’s image.  They have read enough to know I tell how hard the clerks work, how they handle the public (which is just a little difficult).  I try to share the joy of the weddings, the zany couples, and the sometimes sadness of the weddings.  I try to show my respect and love for the wedding business.

I admit I have gone off on a clerk or two.  But never have I identified who ticked me off or the Clerk from Hell.  And to give that clerk credit, she has improved. 

The staff in Vitals is stellar.  They handle everyone with respect and kindness.  They strive to do a good job and usually succeed.  I miss my Vitals’ crew, the deputies, the staff I pass in the hall who thank me for volunteering.  I miss everyone at the Alameda County building.


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Just another reason to return.