Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Truth Must Come Out

For years and years I have heard that San Diego has the greatest climate in the United States.  It is always mellow, pleasant, little rain, no extremes.  Also I knew that like the Bay Area every mile away from the coast was warmer. 

Well, where are Mythbusters when you need them?  This is what history says about the weather.  Be sure to click on that link.  I have doubts about this.

I have been in San Diego since August 26, no low 70s happening here.  It has been high 80s and 90s.  It has been hot and muggy.  Our hosts have run the AC night and day.  We have had thunderstorms all around us.  We even have had sprinkles.  I keep hearing how unusual the weather is.  Really? 

I think a tall tale has caught up with the residents.  Some one is now here long enough to spot a trend.  A hot trend, maybe.  Tourists come and go, they aren’t around long enough to realize the hot weather stays. 

I am here until December.  I am watching the weather San Diego.  Today is foggy and cool.  I am loving it.   But can you do that again on Wednesday?  Let’s see just how wonderful your climate is. 


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