Thursday, September 20, 2012

So, this is what’s happening.

You regular readers’ have lived through this awful summer with me.  Newer readers, just start about June and read forward.  There are too many posts to highlight.  It has been hard, sad, crappy.

On Saturday we will have been at Richard’s and Luis’ for a month.  All and all I think things have gone fairly well.  Well, one little thing, the weather has been hot as hell, so I have been a total bitch.  I am sorry, I just can’t handle heat.  I get mean.  The three men put up with me, I feel guilty, and then try to be a team player.  Still hot, so close to a bitch most days.

We have merged four strong personalities into one home. Marty and I are trying to be good house guests and also join in as family.  Richard and Luis are being patient as we disrupt their household.  And the dogs, they just go upstairs and ignore us if Richard and Luis aren’t home.

We have registered to vote, done a change of address for our drivers’ licenses, and have San Diego County library cards.  We are official citizens of La Mesa, CA.

Marty spends a huge part of his day on the computer and phone.  He is doing business with the San Francisco Bay Area.  It doesn’t matter where he is.  Gotta love computers and cell phones.

He brought many of his orchids with him and works with them.   The orchids are adjusting to the extreme heat as I am.  Some got sunburned and he has had to move all of them to a shadier place.

I begin every day with at least an hour and 15 minutes in the pool.  I walk laps (width)  and then do leg and arm exercises.  This is helping the knee that needs surgery (low impact leg exercises to build strength), and has greatly lowered my blood pressure. 


Clear day.  Going to be hot.  But the view is killer!


My kind of day, cool and foggy.

I then have to decide how to spend the rest of the day.  I am not volunteering anywhere.  My time is my own.  I can read, do computer stuff, take a nap, do laundry, clean our part of the house, start the evening meal.  Or even all of the above.

Of the above choices the evening meal is a big one.  The four of us all love good food.  Shoot, Luis and I even love fast food.  Marty cooks, I cook, Marty and I cook, and Richard cooks.  Luis you ask?  He does not cook.  But Luis is a super duper kitchen cleaner upper.  Everyone has a job.

For years Richard disliked his electric cooktop. It had dead burners and it was electric.  He wanted a gas one.  We were the push to ditch electric.  He wanted us to have a great cooktop to cook great food on.  So he bought a Dacor gas cooktop and Luis and his brother in law, another Luis, installed it. 


This baby puts out some heat.  On low things will boil.  Love, love this cooktop.  Look at it, if we have over sized pots or a griddle, they will fit anywhere on the stove.  No burning up burners or scorching the top with pans hanging over.

We have made meatloaf, pork chops many ways, hot dog casserole, beef burgundy, steak, Southern green beans, chicken many ways, lobster, and much more.  Cooking is fun on this cooktop.

Luis’ sister, Isabel, has had us for meals, twice.  We are talking real Mexican food cooked by her and her mother.  Spicy and yummy.  Did I say spicy? 

My book group SKYPES me on Tuesday nights.  So far we have had problems with connections.  Marty talked to Cox, the internet provider, and they gave us some tips.  Thank you so much, Marty.  So maybe the problems will lessen. 

We have gone out to eat a little, just Marty and me, and with Richard and Luis.  Cooking is fun, but not every day.We visited the San Diego harbor. Marty and I have been to the Apple Store, my IPhone went bad.  But that is a blog for another day.

Marty and I try hard to not intrude on Richard and Luis.  We stick to our end of the house most of the time.  They can live their normal life and have some privacy.  We do meet and talk during the day.  But I don’t want to be the house guest that is always in their face. 

Every one should be blessed with friends like these two lovely men.  Gracious, loving, and generous.  Thank you Richard and Luis for what all you do for us.   We love you.



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