Friday, September 28, 2012

I was thinking . . .

When I walk in the pool every day I set a timer for an hour and 5 minutes.  I had been counting every lap so I know approximately how many laps that is, 130 round trip laps.  When I was counting laps I couldn't do anything but count or I would lose count.  Now with the timer I can watch the clouds, watch the birds and butterflies, or plan the next blog.

Today random thoughts went through my brain.  Some good, some dumb, some that were what was that about. 

I kept thinking about our wedding day.  I went to get my hair done.  I drove back home in time for a little lunch and then to leave for the church.  Everyone was gone except for one of my bridesmaids.  They all went to the wedding without the bride!  I drove Gail and me to the church.  45 years later, I still don't know why they left without me.  That was the one time that nothing would happen until I arrived. 

I thought about the people who bought our house.  Have they ripped out the walls as they planned?  We had planned to do that, but never had the money.  Or are they caught up in the slowness of permitting in Oakland?  I think about emailing a neighbor to see what is happening.  Then I thought, no that seems stalkerish.

I thought about the Marriage Factory.  Do the clerks miss me as much as I miss them?  They are fun and very kind people.  I really really miss all of them.

The two scorpions that Marty killed this week were a big thought.  Do they have family and friends still in the house?  Do scorpions swim?  I need to google that one.

Can you be stung by a dead bee?  Lots of bees drown in the pool and sink to the bottom.  If I step on one, is the stinger still active?  Another thing to google.

I thought about things I did in high school.  Things that today would put a teenager in Juvenile Hall.  The midnight shopping for flowers from yards around town. The Dukes and Duchesses needed flowers for the annual banquet.  Driving many of the football team to the bootleggers.  Throwing cups of ice into open windows of cars. Taking hubcaps from friends' cars and hiding them.  Putting bags of dog poop in front of a door, setting it on fire, ringing the doorbell, and running.  Just good clean fun in a small town.  Is there a statue of limitations on this stuff?

I thought about the blackberry cobbler I have promised to make.  It calls for melted shortening, Crisco at our house.  Would butter work, and wouldn't that be even better?  Tomorrow I may try the butter.  Marty, the baker, just said no to butter.  It wouldn't work.  So he is off to buy me Crisco.

And then I thought about the walking and other water exercises I do every day.  Well walking every day, extra exercises every other day.  I guess I am healthier.  I know the bad knee is stronger and I have less pain.  But I really don't like exercising.   


Joe said...

Yes, the marriage factory misses you. They told me so today.

Janet A said...

Good to know, Joe. Any thing to report???

German Village Mom said...

Ha - never heard of throwing cups of ice that one made me lol!