Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friday in San Diego

Friday I had an appointment with San Diego County’s Marriage Factory.  I had called and asked if they needed a volunteer marriage commissioner.  Oh yes, they really needed help.  Please come in for an interview.   So the next day I went in.  I asked Marty to drive me.  My agoraphobia was talking in the background:  new things, can’t handle anything else right now, please don’t make me do this alone.  Marty has lived with the crazy lady 45 years, he drove me.

I thought the interview went well.  They, of course, loved me.  When could I start?  Please fill out an application.  So I did, for over an hour.  I have never seen so much crap to read and sign:  address over and over, address for the last 7 years, agree to credit check and background checks, agree to drug tests and a physical by their doctor, agree to future fingerprinting, driver’s license over and over, ethics’ and discriminations’ papers to read.  On and on.  I was getting ticked.  They aren’t  hiring me, I just want to volunteer. 


You can see the pile of papers already signed.  I had signed that many in the first group.

Then we got to the deal breaker:  confidentiality.  No talking about anything to do with the county.  No written or published accounts.  No this, no that.  I refused to sign it.  I had had enough.  The clerk said she would check on maybe I could blog, just sign it and she would check.  I said no, call me if  I can blog.  And left.  At this point I want nothing to do with them.  The paper work was just stupid overkill. 

Marty and I went down to an area 0f the harbor where the Midway is docked.  This is one huge ship.



As I said, a huge ship.  I could not get the whole ship in one picture.   My IPhone has limits.


This is the back end of the ship.  They have made this area a café for the tourists.


This is the other side of the Midway.  Also where the tickets to enter are sold.  We walked nearly a half mile to get to this entrance.  And then we saw the prices, seniors were $15 each.  We said too high and walked back to the car.  Nice to see the outside, but not paying tourist prices to walk around it.  Maybe another day.

We headed back home looking for a place to eat.  We saw a strip mall on the side of 94 at the Broadway exit, I think.  They had Mexican, pizza, and Black Jack  BBQ Spot.  None of these places had AC and it was hot as Hades.  The Black Jack’s was the coolest with fans running.  We ordered pulled pork sandwich.  Which is dumb, in thirty years in California I have never had decent pulled pork,  But we keep trying.

OMW!!!!!  It was fabulous.  The sauce was perfection, the meat juicy and no fat.  We picked them up and the sauce ran all over our hands.  The meat was overflowing.  It was so very very good.  Yes, we will be going back to this little place. 



kts said...

Sorry about SD marriage shop; despite pulled pork excellence, all signs point to need to return due North, eh? Miss you!

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