Monday, September 3, 2012

I think it is working!

On Facebook and on this blog I have mentioned blood pressure issues.  Part of the problem is family history, stress,  part is I love good food.  Dr. J is worried about my health, me too.  Sometimes I work with him and sometimes I am on that river denial.  

The stress level has dropped way down since we got to San Diego.  I only have to worry about cooking sometimes and making sure we have clean underwear.

I am still eating good food, just not as much.  Now some food I considered good, others might not.  I am a cheap date and love French fries, Cheetos, Kettle Chips, Cracker Jacks . . .    Do you see my problem?  I love junk food.  At the same time I love lots of gourmet food.  I just love food.  I have cut out most of the junk food, cut down portions at meal time, and for lunch I drink those really yummy canned shakes.  Yeah, they are yummy, not.

The biggest change I have made is exercise.  I hate to sweat.  I hate walking, my bad knee screams at me to sit down.  Even my hips don’t like much movement.  So land exercises are out.  For nine days I have been in the pool  for at least 40 minutes walking and doing exercises.  Water exercises do as much if not more than land exercises.  But they don’t cause the pain that land exercises do.  The water supports the joints at the same time it sets up resistance. 

When I started out I walked 40 laps across the pool, today I did 150 laps.  Every day I add to the number of laps.  I do arm and other leg exercises also.  I am trying to get healthy.  

Today I took my blood pressure.  It is down from 160/70 to 131/70.   This is a huge improvement.  I may go eat some M&M’s to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Janet, there are many of us who would like you to be around for a very, very long time. I miss you and hope that everything works out for you and Marty. Again, keep up the great work and get that pressure you

Janet Rudolph said...

Great news about the blood pressure and exercise.. and the restfulness you deserve..

vallerose said...

This all sounds positive. as a dedicated junk food fan, especially M & M I understand the temptation. Very happy you are feeling better.