Friday, September 21, 2012

I am so very very sorry.

I gripe all the time about the tight security on many blogs' comment section.  You have to put in numbers, or letters, and sometimes both.  And then it doesn't take your comment.  I try and try, and usually end up just sending an email.

Well, Richard just told me he tried to comment on MY blog.  He had the same problems I do.  I told Richard I have no security like that on my blog.  Well, guess what, I did.  I just checked my settings, one of the security boxes was marked yes.  I have changed it back to no.  I hope that fixed the issue.

To those who have tried to post a comment, so sorry for the trouble.  I have no idea how the box was checked.  I tend to set my settings and leave things alone.  But as my family knows, machinery and I don't do well together.


vallerose said...

Testing, testing. If this works, thank you for making it easier.

I caught a 20 glimpse of the space shuttle yesterday as it fly by. It was thrilling. I was on the crawl to the Bay Bridge so had time to get a good look.

Kakers said...

Hi just stumbled across your blog. So glad I am not the only one annoyed by the security #/letters on blogger! I find it SO HARD to read them, sometimes I suspect a computer program would read them more easily than I can... now wouldn't that defeat the purpose! ~Katy