Friday, September 14, 2012

New Recipe to test: Beef Burgundy

Yesterday Marty and I tested a recipe for Cook’s Illustrated Magazine.  The recipe was for Beef Burgundy.  I have made this for years, using Michael Fields’ recipe.  The only info on Michael Fields I can find, you must be a subscriber to read.  So take my word for it, the man was a genius with food.

The Fields’ recipe is pages long.  It requires hours of trimming meat and vegetables, browning these in the grease from rendering salt pork.  Then more work. It was worth every hour. 

The test recipe’s purpose was to have the same deep flavors without so much work. There was a lot going on yesterday and we have the pictures to prove.  Less work, but still both of us were busy for hours and hours.  At least not days.


Marty is trimming the chuck roast and cutting it into 2 inch cubes.  While he did that I was cutting the salt pork into 1/4 inch cubes.  The salt pork and the trimmed off scrapes then went into a 500 degree oven to brown.  A huge time saver.


The beef was salted and supposed to drain on a wire rack.  We couldn’t find where Richard hid his.  So we covered a rack (the meat would have fallen through) with foil, then punched holes in it.  The meat then drained  and dried.


I’m checking what my next step is.


Chopping onions, crushing garlic, and slicing carrots to go into the braising liquid.


Marty putting together other goodness for the braising liquid.  That would be 1/2 bottle of burgundy.


Everything is ready, time for the meat to be added.


One more stir, then the meat goes in.


I am so carefully placing each piece on top of the veggies.  They sank to the bottom.  That was fine, soaked up more of the liquid.


Close up of my careful work.


After cooking for 3 1/2 hours, the meat and carrots are pulled out.  Then the braising liquid and all the veggies are put through a sieve. 


Close up of the spent veggies as they give up their last bit of flavor.                                                    


While I did that, Marty was starting the final addition to the sauce.  Butter and pearl onions and more goodness to come.


The meat and the carrots go in, as well as the rest of the bottle of burgundy.


Dinner is served. Marty and Luis look happy with the aroma. Oh some more wine too.


Marty pouring wine for Richard.  Notice how frosty his glass is.  Richard planned on having water with dinner.  I put it in a pretty glass for him.  Then he saw the red wine, poured out the water and had wine.


We served the Beef Burgundy in pasta bowls.  We poured it over rice.  There was bread to soak up the wonderful sauce.  The salad was tomatoes with cottage cheese.  The meal was a huge success.

This dish is still labor intensive.  But not like the original.  I think it accomplished its goal.  The flavors were spectacular! 

I am sure we will make this again. 

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