Tuesday, June 9, 2009


One thing I really missed while on vacation was doing weddings. Yesterday I was finally back to marry couples. Only four couples, but it felt so good to be back.

One groom was from Texas. He had on killer cowboy boots with his jeans stuffed into them. He loved that a Southerner was marrying them. He dropped Southern expressions: God love him, You all come, and Bless your heart. And the bride? She had on a long gold sheer sheath. Really sheer. She said when she first met the groom's father, she couldn't understand a word he said.

My favorite couple had been together 11 years. They had their two year old with them. The bride was stunningly beautiful. Beautiful in the way Elizabeth Taylor was as a young woman. Right before we began she pulled a veil out of a Disneyland bag. Do you see it coming? It was a white sequined Minnie Mouse ears and veil. And the bride looked wonderful in it. They had spent the previous weekend at Disneyland. She couldn't resist buying it. They were so in love and so touched by the ceremony. They were every reason I love to do marriages.

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