Monday, June 1, 2009


Kentucky is so lush. Green thick grass, beautiful trees, flowers everywhere. We were driving through the middle of Louisville today. We were on I 64 going to a friend's. No where could you see anything but Mother Nature: incredible views of cliffs, green vines, trees and no houses. Yet we knew the houses were just through the trees.

Then we exited onto a street. The houses are set back 250 feet. Lush yards, houses are pristine and cheap compared to California prices. I have house envy. I have always loved the neighborhood we are driving through. Trees are huge and shade the old houses and the road. It is green, green, green.

Louisville has theater, ballet, concerts, sports of all kinds, and finally some really great restaurants. We can live here so much cheaper and have a great life. I mention that to Marty.

We are at Ronald's. I open the car door. Oh, right this is why we don't live here. It is 94 degrees and who knows how high the humidity is. My hair gets bigger, my clothes are sticking to me, I feel sticky.

I was almost seduced to come back.

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kts said...

sorry but we need you here--thanks humidity for sending us back our friends!