Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Since the first part of March one thing or another has been wrong with my body. Flu, allergies, respiratory, joint pain, tummy. Sunday and Monday Marty and I both had tummy issues. It started just after the brunch on Sunday with friends. Were we struck down by a virus at the exact same time, was there a problem with the food? I am betting the food.

What ever it was, I was down for the count all Monday. I called in sick to the County and made a home on the couch. Marty being a manly man was working from home, but not thrilled to be up. I'll tell you how sick I was, no food. Me the not hungry, but I'll eat anyway, nothing. Well, I'll take that back. Marty tried to serve me chicken noodle soup for supper. I ate maybe four spoon fulls and stopped. Queasy. I am sick of being sick.

Today I am up and moving around. Little Brother is coming Thursday. I declared myself well and back to getting ready for company.

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kts said...

I so hope you guys feel better soon! : (