Friday, June 5, 2009


Yesterday was a long hard day. We got up early and had breakfast with my folks and then to the airport. It was raining, and it kept raining harder and harder. First leg of the trip, 16 minute flight on the puddle jumper. It was 30 minutes late arriving. We were upgraded to a bigger plane, it held 72 passengers. We were close to an hour late arriving in Cincinnati. That meant no Crown Room for free drinks. I did the first leg on guts, should have done the Valium. Really bumpy.

Second leg to Salt Lake I had the seat mate from Hell, no not Marty.

Sidebar. I am a largest woman. I understand the problems of being overweight. I constantly fight weight issues. I feel for the really obese. But please. . .

There was this woman sitting in the window seat and MY middle seat. She sort of slide over and then found the seat belt would not go around her. They gave her an extension. I am scrunched up next to Marty, she still has part of my seat. Marty and I put our arm rests down to plug in our earphones. This forced parts of her off my seat. She oozed over and under my arm rest. I had to keep asking her to not lean on the armrest so I could find a channel and volume I liked. She sat with her legs spread so they leaned on me. My arm was red and numb from her leaning on it. Her arms and other body parts hung over me. And she wanted to talk. I have on ear phones and I am reading. Is that not a clue I am not your new best friend? Almost fours hours of this woman. Delta owes me a seat. She should have bought two seats.

I have taken Valium as soon as we got on the plane. And I went to sleep with lovely music in my ears. I woke up screaming and pulling the ear phones out of my ears! The volume went from a 2 up to a 20. ( Did the bitch punch it up? Just thought of that.) My ears were nearly bleeding. I certainly perked up everyone around me.

We finally are in Salt Lake and have 20 minutes to catch our last plane. We land at B9 and leave from E69. Sounds like Bingo, doesn't it? We walk forever and then go down to runway level. E69 leads right on to the tarmac. Guess what is sitting out there. Not big 300 passenger planes. No, they are little 72 passenger planes. I had a meltdown, told Marty I would divorce him, and started crying. We are going over the Rockies and the Sierras on a puddle jumper. Makes me cry right now to think about it. Marty is upset, this is not the plane listed on the ticket. No way does he want to deal with me on a longer than 16 minutes flight. I board, crying, and the pilot makes an announcement. The last couple of flights have been rather bumpy, so there may be no beverage service. To hell with beverages, he said BUMPY! I take another Valium and dig my claws into Marty's arm. It was sorta bumpy, but I did get my free cookie and ginger ale.

Marty should post about our flights. I am sure he has a whole different perspective. If he does post something, remember he was in the Air Force. As long as the plane stays up, they are happy

We are home safe and sound. The trip was wonderful. And I don't have to fly again for another year. Right, big glass convention in Louisville in June. Marty will go, I guess I will too.

Pictures later this week.

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Lisa said...

I love you Aunt Janet - and glad you made it home safe and sound!!!