Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today is my birthday. And I got to pick what we would do in Louisville today. I picked the American Craft Museum, which was a dud. They were staging and had little to see. Second choice was the Frazier Museum.

The Frazier is so wonderful. Do check the web site. Lots of this is from the Frazier family. Armor, mail, swords, guns. It was fabulous. Every hour or so they do "testimonials" from historical figures: Buffalo Bill, Sarah Winchester, a knight from the Battle of Hastings, 12 in all. Very well done. We stayed until 12:30 went to lunch and came back for a couple of more hours.

One exhibit was from Fontaine Ferry Park. (pronounce fountain) This was an amusement park down on the Ohio River that everyone, as long as they were white, went to. It closed in 1969. We all have memories of it. All four of us had been, but not with our spouses. The Frazier had working exhibits of games, pinball machines, mechanical rides. There were videos and picture of all the wonderful dances, concerts, roller skating rides, etc that were provided for a fun time. Ann and Hank played games and won prizes. We talked to others about their memories of the park. Great fun.

For lunch we went to Boomers. Again with the chicken salad. It was as good as Teakettles', but differently prepared. And the sandwiches were twice as big. Pricier, but not real expensive, $6.50 with chips, then drinks, tax and tip about $16 a head. This place was a big restaurant with rooms with large tables for working lunches and one room had wing back chairs with TV trays with a TV going. The place was full to the brim with office workers. They only do lunch. The staff was so lovely and gracious. Such a Southern meal experience.

Tonight dinner at the Galt House with the revolving restaurant looking at the Ohio River and Louisville.

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Hoang Leonard said...

Happy birthday to you again, Janet - you passed 65 :d