Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Tonight we tested another recipe for COOK'S ILLUSTRATED. It was Thai style Chicken with Basil, or Gia Pad Grapaw. This is one of my favorite dishes I was excited about testing it. Marty was going to cook it and I was to buy the ingredients we didn't have.

This dish can be mild or very hot depending on the chiles/peppers used. I was not able to buy Thai chiles and substituted Serrano chiles (as the recipe suggested). I bought one extra in case one was bad. This dish is mainly chopped white chicken meat, basil, chiles, fish sauce, oyster sauce, garlic, and shallots.

Marty prepped everything and started stir frying it. We realized we hadn't started the rice. Well, we skipped the rice because we usually don't eat much rice with it anyway. It smelled wonderful. Nothing smells quite like fresh basil cooking. He plated it, and served it.

Well, let us say hot. The dish is to have a bite, but this was too hot. I had bought 3 chiles, one as an extra. He put them all in. Hot. After I picked out a lot of chiles, the dish tasted great. This is one we will make again.

Marty will fill out the survey tonight. And then next week Minestrone soup.

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