Sunday, June 7, 2009


These are pictures of my birthday and one day of just checking out the city. All over Louisville are artistic horses that protray historical events or business. This one has scenes of The Belle of Louisville.

This is the Brown Foreman warehouse. The bottle on top is a water tower.

At the Frazier Museum.

There were many lifelike figures throughout the museum. I kept expecting them to step down and say, "I'm going on break."

Penny arcade from Fontaine Ferry.

History of Fontaine Ferry.

Birthday girl at the revolving restaurant on top of the Galt House. You see the Ohio River and part of Louisville. Food was really good.

Mother, Ann, and Marty, Indiana and the Falls of the Ohio behind them.

On left: Mother, Ann, Marty On right: Papa Jack, Hank, and me Behind us Ohio River and construction on the waterfront. Very overcast day.

Coal Barge going east up the Ohio. It is taking coal to Warsaw, Ky 45 miles up river for a power plant. Compare the barges' size to the semi and bus on the highway.
The boat tied up is the Coast Guard station.,

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