Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Monday I did several weddings. There were one or two I thought I could write about. ThenI did the last wedding and it became the winner.

I had seen the couple in the lobby. He was in a lovely white shirt with black embroidery. She was in a white dress, silver heels, pearls and a tiara. Sounds traditional doesn't it? Well he had dreadlocks that were fire engine red and then there was her hair. Granted I have no room to talk with my burgundy hair. But her hair was just a little off the wall. One part of a side in corn rows, natural black color. The rest of the hair was fluffed out like a fan and was the color of Chardonnay with just a little bit of yellow food coloring in it.

As we discussed the ceremony I found out they really were traditional. She very much wanted it as close to a traditional church wedding as possible. They wanted the vows, "for better or for worse, for richer or poorer. . .". They had also written their vows. When they read their vows I teared up. This young in your face man had written a love poem. The bride was beside herself listening to him. And then she did her vows. She listed the reasons she loved him: from his soft lips on hers to his stubbornness. They were very emotional as were all of us in the room.

It is a cliche, but love is grand.

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