Monday, June 22, 2009


I think I did 7 weddings today. It started late but became fast and furious. I am sure we had the worst couple ever to marry today. They tied up the marriage desk, they assumed they didn't have to obey rules, and were just trouble.

I had just done a wedding and was on my way down to get the next couple. The hall was full of people. But no staff with them. They had just all come up. It turned out the couple bought a licence several days before. They found some errors on it and needed it corrected before they married. I corralled all the guests and sent them back downstairs; and took the couple into the Marriage Desk. When I came up with the next couple, two of the guests were still wandering the halls. And they were explaining to a staff person that the signs were wrong. They aren't. Three weddings later, the wedding couple is still in there redoing the license.

Remember, I have told you they give us the info. They enter it into the computer. They read it on the clerk's monitor before it is printed. They read it on paper before they sign it... no they don't read anything.

It seems a name was spelled wrong on the license, so M corrected it. Printed a new license to sign and gave it to the couple. They said the name is right, but place of birth is WV not WI. M prints again, gives it to them to sign and they then told her another correction to make. This time she made sure they told her all the errors, not one at a time. How stupid of the couple.

I married them. Then I had trouble getting them out of the room. Finally I have them headed to the elevator and they stop and pass out maps to the reception. I left them to M and went to get my next couple.

The other couples were nice, polite, and all but one in love. One was a definite arranged marriage. I hate those. The couple looked everywhere except at each other. They did not want to be there. But the guests were having a great time. The couple refused to kiss when asked to for pictures. Poor tradition bound kids.

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