Monday, September 7, 2009


Remember, click on the pictures for a larger image. Starting at 12:00 Karl, Frank, Kirsten, Janet A, Janet R, Marty

Sunday we had 2 couples over for a cookout. Some of them kept calling it a barbecue. Well, I am from the South. Barbecue is slow cooking, dry rubs, sauces, and smoking is involved. We had a cookout, grilled hamburgers.
Appetizers: Kirsten brought veggies and two dips, I made deviled eggs.
Main course: Marty ground the beef and grilled hamburgers. He also made the baked beans, with molasses and bacon. I made an antipasto pasta salad, potato salad, and fried corn.
Dessert: Janet R brought a three berry pie and vanilla ice cream
This was a very serious adult party, as you can tell from the next pictures.

Sitting on our mailbox, Eeyore greeted everyone.

Eeyore looked lonely on the mailbox, so we moved him later to the courtyard.


Joe said...

Looks fun. Sorry we couldn't be there.

Janet Rudolph said...

Great evening. Thanks for hosting!