Monday, September 14, 2009


First, a heads up. Blogger has changed all the tools: spell check gone, fonts, colors, formatting. So I am sure there is stuff wrong. I will figure it out. Bear with me.

Today I was called at home by clerk C and told, "Don't eat lunch." And she hung up. I figured they were having a pot luck and I was invited. They have done that before. Well, it was better than that. I arrived and my desk was decorated with crepe paper, there was a bouquet of sunflowers, and a lovely card from all at Vitals. The card and flowers made me cry. They thanked me for the long hours and hard work of 09-09-09. And then we had pizza. It was a sweet, loving gesture. And I hugged them and thanked them for caring.

If you have ever volunteered you know it doesn't usually work this way. You don't feel part of the team, you just do your thing and stay out of the way. Not at the County Recorder's office. They love the volunteers, and they make us feel so important and cared for.

Now to the weddings. Slow paced day, only four for me to do. Two really stand out. I checked a license and it had one divorce marked for the bride ( final in 2001) with a married name, yet no different name for her birth name. That had to be changed. Reprint, re sign. At the elevator the bride and one of the witnesses said the divorce isn't final yet. They said we can do an amendment when the papers come through. WHAT??? They handed me papers to show it was in court. I don't do the paper work, I just marry. Back to the clerk. C said, it is final, but she doesn't remember the date and it has all been checked out. OK.

In the elevator the bride says, "These papers are for my first marriage. I am waiting on my second divorce papers." WTH?? "The divorce isn't final yet." I said, "I can't marry you if you are still married." I take her into the marriage desk. And explain what is going on. Then the bride tells M, " I was divorced in 2003." I did finally marry them. Why did she bring papers for her first marriage, and only mark one marriage on the license? Even after we talked about the second marriage, she kept saying she would come back and amend the license. The groom we figured was paid to marry her. He thought long and hard before saying yes. And a very polite kiss at the end.

It seems she has problems with immigration. We have to take the word of the couple. Immigration doesn't. They will insist on clear paper work. I think she will be on a boat back to the Philippines shortly. The groom maybe will be in jail.

Last wedding was lovely. Both of them well over 6 feet tall. A good looking couple, and they just glowed with love. She had on a long black sheath with spaghetti straps. The dress draped low in the back. The dress was lined in red, so the drape and the edges of the dress were red, lovely. They were so happy, so in love. It took the bad taste of the previous marriage out of my mouth.

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