Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today I was looking forward to what little K would wear. She is the 6 year old upscale hippie: she wears peasant blouses, sateen flowy skirts, sparkly scarves around her head, and Wizard of Oz ruby slippers. As soon as I enter the classroom I look to her table. What will she have on today?

Today I arrive and look for K. All the children are sitting on the carpet. I can't find her. Maybe K is out today. They go to their tables and there she is, but no hippie today. She has on a blouse with a Peter Pan collar and a plaid skirt. K looks like a catholic school girl. In a way I am disappointed, yet loving it. She looked darling.

K is one I worked with one on one. Last week she held her pencil like a club and flat out refused to use the special grip on her pencil. She would not try to hold the pencil correctly. Today, again she wasn't using the special grip that forces her finger into the correct position. She was doing it all by herself. I congratulated her for working so hard to learn the pencil hold. And bless her heart, she asked me,"Will you tell my Mom and Dad?"

I love my first graders.

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