Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today I was at the marriage factory by 12:45. I work until 4:00 and I will stay until everyone is married if they are punched in by 4:00. Today I was there, but no one wanted to be married today. I sat and read, talked to clerks, and read, and read. Finally 300 pages later a license was brought to me.

It was 3:50. I checked the license over and there was a mistake. Again the same clerk (last week a groom had been married 6 times yet marked NA) had not noticed the couple had written in the end of a marriage date, but marked NA under reason for end of marriage. So it had to be reprinted and re signed. I finally got the license at 4:15. The couple? Very nice, and we did the wedding with their year and a half old clinging to their legs.

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