Thursday, September 24, 2009


Appletinis, oh so very dangerous. They are seductive, great, tasty, no taste of alcohol. You drink these lovely little drinks and things start to happen.

Let me say up front, I do not drink well. The Cherokee Indian blood can't handle it. That is a scientific fact. We can not drink. They call it fire water, well yes. Problems abound. Hard liquor, two drinks I have problems.

Last night we had appletinis. Several. They sneak up on you. I talked more than I should have. I cried, I laughed. I pointed out how hot I am. That one should go without saying. I enjoyed the taste, not the buzz. I will never be an alcoholic, I can't stand the feeling of loss of control, of the lightheadedness. I just like the taste of certain drinks. Appletinis, great taste. There should be a law.

Something as potent as an appletini should be against the law. They should be a controlled substance like Valium. They have the same effect.

I can't say I won't drink another appletini. But I hope I space them out better, or just drink fewer.

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