Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09-09-09 OH MY

Today was a big day to marry. The Chinese and many other Asian countries consider 9 a lucky number, and the rest of world thought they could remember the date easier. I agreed to come in at 8:30 a.m. to marry couples. I DO NOT DO MORNINGS. Yet there I was. It was well worth being up and out so early.

I walked in and the deputy and the information clerk said they will be so happy you are here today. (people were lined up at 7:30, we open at 8:30) I walked into the back lobby and there was a loud chorus of "JANET IS HERE". I went to my desk and the clerks left their desks and gathered round and starting doing cheers for me and ended by spelling my name. Talk about feeling loved. Within 5 minutes I had my first license to begin the day. By 9:30 I had done four weddings. I did not return to my desk until noon, when I took a break and grabbed some lunch.

We had a staff person helping me with English weddings, and two translators doing Chinese and Spanish weddings. Another volunteer was there for a couple of hours. At one point we were still 2 hours from a couple's check in time. That is just awful. We also only had one room to use for a couple of hours. That really slowed us down, But we ended the day only running over to 4:30. We did catch up, and were only 20 minutes or so between couples.

There were some outstanding weddings and some are just a blur. We sold 79 licenses the clerks fingers were bloody stumps, (Many couples had bought their licenses last week. Many couples went elsewhere for the ceremony), and did 40 ceremonies. I think I did something between 20 and infinity.

We had lovely Chinese brides in bright red. The loveliest had on a red sheath that looked like she was wearing rose petals. The dress was and is absolutely gorgeous. There were several brides in long poofy white dresses, long white sheaths, men in morning suits, black suits, lots of lovely dressy dresses. It was a fashion show.

I had a bride stop me and demand to know why they were having to wait. People were taken ahead of them. When would I take them? I checked, they were next. I explained that couples needing a translator went out of sequence, we took the translators when we could get them. I checked the license, went out and called them, and guess what? They didn't have all of their party there yet. So why the hell did she give me grief?

One couple just filled the room with love. They were in jeans and tee shirts. She was so sweet and moved, she was crying. He pulled out a tissue and wiped her tears. So very lovingly. One couple whispered their vows to each other.

And there was the couple who were fighting. He was just a total a**hole. I told the bride to just hit him up the side of the head and tell God he died. His Mother agreed with me. He was just rude. I asked her if she wanted to go through with the wedding. She said yes, she was going to make him pay. I think they may kill each other.

The majority were lovely. In love and fun. Crying couples, the couple who got the giggles. It was a fantastic day. I am worn out, my feet hurt, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Watch out for 10-10-10.

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