Monday, September 28, 2009


This weekend was real busy, and really hot. We spent a lot of time on the hot side of the tunnel. Saturday I had to be in Pleasant Hill for an appointment. Then I came home to the cooler side, upper 80s, and put on good clothes. Marty and I went back to the hot side, Walnut Creek. He took an application for a Reverse Mortgage. At this point it was 105 on that side of the tunnel. We left Walnut Creek and had dinner with friends in Benica. This little city in on the top of the Bay and should have been cool. Nope, it was 90.

Sunday we worked the street fair, Out and About, in Rockridge. It was a little cooler, but still pushing 90.

We had a table with lots of Marty's glass. A friend owns a store in Rockridge and carries Marty's glass. She let him set up close to her store. Remember to click on pix for larger images.

Something for everyone

Early as the crowds gather

Fashion show from a vintage shop

Our host's store

We set up at 10:30 and got home around 5:30. A long, hot day. I said, "Good morning, hello, hi, afternoon," and smiled until I thought my jaws would break. Everyone going by loved Marty's glass. They touched it, they asked how he made it, some took business cards, they told us about the glass they had. They are going to think about it. And then they walked on. He made one sale. Thank goodness we don't have to do this for a living. It is really hard and tiring.
We did enjoy people watching. A woman had on a great tee shirt: Meat is murder, tasty, tasty murder. Men in shorts and too tight tee shirts. Women in tight jeans and tops that did not cover the spare tire. The dress of choice was long, spaghetti straps, no bra, no panties. In fact the majority of the women, little and extra endowed, wore no bras.
Busy weekend. But fun.

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