Friday, September 4, 2009


Marty and Randy Strong making a glass sculptured flame. Randy is torching it while Marty helps turn it. The flame is equivalent to 60 or 70 pounds. It is like carrying a bowling ball on the end of a 6 foot pipe.

Below Randy is using cork blocks to shape the flame. Marty turns the glass as it is shaped.

The Bay Area has had a little heat wave, and there was humidity. We don't do heat and humidity on the west side of the tunnel. And when it happens we all think we are dying.
It has been in the upper 90's on our side and few have AC. We do and we used it. But there are times you can't have AC. As at a glass studio.

Thursday Marty assisted Randy for a tour group. I worked the gallery. This was an afternoon tour and we were getting late sun right into the studio. And there was very little breeze. Two furnaces running at 2100 degrees, annealing oven going, torches going, it was hot. The makeup just slid right off my face, and my lovely hair wasn't.

Huge crowd pleaser: flames and smoke as the cork blocks touch the 2100 degree glass.

Thanks to Susan, Randy's wife for the pictures.

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