Thursday, September 17, 2009


Most people can usually handle the big things in life. A death, an illness, job loss, accidents, we suck it up and handle life. But the little things drive us crazy. I have written about things that get me nuts. But this week more has happened

Today I was backing out of my parking garage space. No one in sight, no cars or walkers. Half way out of the space and there are two, count them, two women walking. From two directions. And they kept walking right behind my moving car. Being the nice person I am, I did not run over them. But I thought about it.

Yesterday I was backing out of a space and a woman next to me got out of her van. Bad enough. Her young child walked between our vehicles and then she started taking her baby out of the back. I sat and waited until she got everyone out and onto the sidewalk. Did she not see me moving before she popped out of her van?

Monday I was on the circular ramp in the parking garage. We are inching down to the pay booth. It is stop and go as cars up front pull up and pay then leave. We are on a one lane ramp and a car is honking. Where the hell are we supposed to go?

Someone sleeps on top of the covers and someone else can't pull the cover over them. Just saying.

People crossing the street against the light, sauntering and talking on the phone. They become targets in my mind.

Idiots with twenty items in the 12 or less line.

The neighbor's new dog who howls and cries all day and a good part of the night. Why get a dog if you don't let it come inside?

AC Transit buses straddling two lanes. Pick a lane and get out of mine!

Running into the contractor from hell, and he thought we were glad to see him. He asked us to call him for any work we needed done on our house. Some of you didn't go through our remodel nightmares. Let me just say this man and his crew flooded our home twice. I had 17 pages of notes on our troubles that I gave the legal department of our insurance company. Legal loved me.

And the number one thing that drives me crazy, bicyclists. Let me count the ways: blowing through stop lights/signs; riding several abreast on blind curves; interestingly speeding in traffic; riding on the streets and then upon the sidewalks to beat lights; their attitude. And I could go on and on. But I won't.

What drove you crazy this week? Write about it on the comments.


vallerose said...

Driving slowly on College with the green light and a pedestrian, a middle aged man, not a Berkeley type, crossing just in front of me. He is lucky I am a polite driver.

Don't get me started on bicyclists, although I have to say that lately most have been very polite.

noemi said...

I walk, & for me it's the drivers: talking on cellphones & oblivious to anything around them; making "running stops" (if your two-ton machine is moving in my direction, it's not stopped); turning without sseing if anyone's there; checking for cars, sure, but ignoring people walking; & my fave: sailing through an unmarked intersection or a crosswalk when there's a car already stopped there waiting while someone's crossing. Idiot drivers. Driving is not a right; it is a privilege, & there are a heck of a lot of drivers out there who should be denied that privilege.