Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Let's talk about friendship. Friendship, sometimes you just fall into it and it requires little work. Other times to keep it going you do all the work. Other times lots of work from both parties. And then it falls apart.

Tonight Marty and I met with an old friend. We have not spoken for 4 years. Marty and I left this friendship with a loss of trust and a lot of hurt. We never stopped loving our friend, we just didn't like what had hurt us. We missed this friend. We still loved him. Through the years he kept contact and we ignored him. About 6 weeks ago he contacted us with snail mail. This was serious. We read it and we decided what to do.

We read his thoughts. We saw a change in him and we said one more chance. Tonight we met him and we laid it out. What had hurt us, how did he feel, what did we think of that. We hugged; we drank, a lot; we cried; and we are all willing to try again.

Marty and I want this to work. We love the man. He needs us, we want to be there for him.

One day at a time. We will try again.

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noemi said...

Hey, you go with what you've got. Friends are good, sometimes, depending.