Thursday, September 10, 2009

09-09-09 OH MY part 2

There were some standout couples yesterday, and not always in a good way. Some were funny, some not.

One bride had on a beautiful poofy long white dress. It had a tight bodice and then ballooned. Her daughter, around 3 years old, had on a matching dress. The bride had a bouquet of silk white roses, which her daughter was carrying. Mom was using both hands holding up her dress so the bottom wouldn't get dirty while walking. We got ready to begin the ceremony and the daughter would not give up the bouquet. Rather than have a crying child, I retrieved a silk flower bouquet from the office. We were going to trade the daughter. Didn't work. Mom carried our flowers and the daughter had the big bouquet. Then the daughter held both during the ring ceremony, As they were leaving I tried to take our bouquet back. Then the crying started. I kept ours and they went home with a crying child. I felt mean.

One couple had their 3 year old son bring their rings up. Do you see this one coming??? He walked up with the box open and then screamed when they took the rings out. And he was still screaming as they left the building. He was trying to pull the rings off their fingers. Never give anything to a toddler you will want back.

And we had white dresses. As I have mentioned most were lovely. But two, OMW! I told K, one of the bosses, I wanted a sign at the door, All women in dresses must wear a slip, especially if sheer white dresses. I told him none us know where to look when women come in with a malfunction. He thought I was joking, nope.

One dress was very sheer, can you say bikini pants and bellybutton? One dress was a heavy satin sheath, it was very pretty. It also was very, very tight. We had a size 10 packed into a size 8. Visible panty line and belly button.

And there was the family from hell. As I was doing the poofy dress wedding there was loud talking and laughter in the waiting room. We had beating on the glass doors, and they were pushing them open. Two toddlers were beating and pushing away while the parents watched. I stopped the wedding, went out to the parents and told them to control their children. And to please whisper. Then I went in and began again on my wedding. Guess who I married next?

Yep, the parents of the door beaters. All during the ceremony the two kids ran through the room screaming, knocking things over, pulling on the vertical blinds, climbing the support beam, and none of the adults did squat. I picked them off the beam, and kept going. I did a fast ceremony. Anything to get them out of there before they destroyed the building. And yes, I still did a nice ceremony.

As I said yesterday, it was a lovely day. Even with the trouble, malfunctions, rudeness, most people were nice. They gave me hugs, thanked me and thanked me, and even tried to tip me. I kept the hugs and nice compliments and suggested they use the money for champagne.

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