Sunday, September 20, 2009


We got up and went to early church at 9:00. We hung around and talked to friends and then drove back home. Marty wanted to finish a multi piece glass sculpture.He finished the sculpture by the hardest. Some days things just don't go right.

He wanted to make a Chinese dinner. The dinner was going to be simple, pot stickers, (from the freezer) and won ton soup. Well, that was the idea.

He went to the grocery, because we had nothing but won ton wrappers. And the pot stickers in the freezer, which were never used. He decided to make flower dumplings, lotus leaf wraps (we had no lotus leaves so he used banana leaves from the yard), and mushroom won ton and spinach noodle soup. Spinach hates me so he used baby bok choy leaves.

He began this "simple" meal around 5:00 and we ate at 8:45. It was lovely, tasted great, and dirtied every dish and kitchen tool we own. The pictures show our little, tiny kitchen. They don't show me washing dishes for ever.

The beginning: sitcky rice in the bamboo steamer.

OK, you have seen all our kitchen, little counter space, sink, stove, and the great work/kitchen table.

Oh yes, the wine was very good.

I am not kidding, what you see, is all we have. But it is pretty since the remodel.

Oyster sauce going into the meat mixture.

Doesn't Marty look serious?

He loves his bamboo steamers.

Finished product. On the left, flower dumpling, then the banana leaf wraps , which contain sticky rice and ground pork and ground chicken, and in the bowl, the won ton soup.

It was a lovely meal. But these little simple meals kill you. The prep time is hours. And the bowls and pans just keep piling up.

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