Monday, September 21, 2009


It was a very slow day at the county building. Only one Spanish this afternoon and one English one for me. I knew mine were waiting for their two witnesses. Clerk C brought me the license and said they only have one witness. I asked if they got tired of waiting for them to show up, no. The parents of the bride refused to come to the wedding. She was only 18 and he was almost 21.

How sad the parents would not come to the wedding. Whether they wanted them married or not, they have cut their child off. I agree with the parents, she is too young. But leave the door open for her. Don't just put her out of your life.

She was in white with flowers in her hair. She was happy, excited, and so in love. And he was so happy and in love. May this last. May they have what it takes to do the work for a good marriage.

Marriage is wonderful, but it is hard work many days of the week. May this young bride and groom have what it takes. Keep your fingers crossed for them.

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