Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I check Yahoo weather every day for Louisville, KY; Dallas Texas; and my town ,Oakland, CA. It's January, Louisville and Dallas have had and are having some serious weather. Ice storms, snow, sleet, winds, and waaaay below freezing temperatures.

Those people are cold and miserable. They are driving in dangerous conditions. We lived in Kentucky for a long time. Snow and ice was normal. The hair in your nose freezing was normal. Your glasses fogging up everytime you went from inside to outside or outside to inside, normal. Didn't like it, but that was just winter.

California in winter is another animal. I am not talking about the mountains. I mean San Francisco/Bay Area, San Diego, LA, The Valley. We might have a frost. It snows maybe every ten years and melts by noon. When we have a frost, by noon it will be in the 50s. Our coldest day (that goes to 50 for a high) might be Louisville's high. Our flowers bloom all winter, the trees start blooming in January, daffodils are a foot tall, California poppies are blooming. It is good to live in California.

This year the middle part of January has been really cold weather (for us). We had frost, it was down in the 30's and only got up to about 45. Our furnaces cut on in the middle of the day. We have no heavy winter coats, we have no long johns, we are cold. We are freezing, And we get no sympathy from friends and family in the rest of the country. We are cold and no one cares!!! We know the rest of the country is sub zero. But we are Californians, we are sun people. We don't do cold.

As a friend said at church, Sunday, "We are winter wienies."


Joe said...

I was in Philly a couple weeks ago. They know from cold. I thought my ears would fall off!

Janet A said...

I loved all the ugly ear muffs in Washington last week. They knew their ears would fall off.