Wednesday, January 14, 2009


No spellcheck again.

Today was uncomfortable, mentally. A protest march was planned in Oakland (my town) at 4:00. Then they were marching to the County Court House to make demands to the District Attorney. This march was to have 1000 people. Last week some had marched and broken windows, burned cars, generally they became a violent mob. So I was worried.

The Court House is one block from the county building where I marry couples. Today is my day to marry. I had a plan. I would leave at 4:00,(they wouldn't have begun marching yet) and take a reverse route home. My regular route would cross where they were marching. Plus streets in the area were to be blocked off. I was nervous, but with GPS felt I could find a way around the protest area. When I got to the building I talked to the sheriff's deputies about the problem. They suggested routes home and I felt better.

I did a wedding. And then I talked to some of the clerks. They were nervous also. When they would get off work the marchers would be there.

And then the County sent word, we are closing early. All County buildings close at 3:30 and everyone out of the buildings by 4:00. Great joy. And then the County moved the time. The buildings close at 3:00 and everyone was to be out by 3:30. I left at 3:00, we weren't doing any weddings. The parking garage just opened the gates and a flood of cars rolled out. The streets were packed with cars and buses to move people out of the area. Businesses in the area were closing, some were boarding up windows. It was a mass exodus. We were all gettin' out of Dodge as fast as we could.

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kts said...

That is very intense--I hope it is all peaceful, and am glad you are home