Thursday, January 15, 2009


Censorship, censored, censor. What ugly words. And we as Americans rarely have to deal with the words or issue.

Many people think the last 8 years have been a dictatorship. Some think rights were taken away, that we no longer have any rights or freedom. They are oh so wrong. We can protest in the streets, we can write letters to the editor, we can blog. We can get changes made. We can do about anything we want if we don't hurt others or property. On Tuesday our national leadership will change. It changed because the people wanted it. There were no battles, no guns, there was a day of voting and there will be a day of moving vans.

Things don't work that way in the some parts of the world. As some of you know we have a friend in an Asian country. Blogs are no longer allowed in this country that will go un-named. He has been shut down. No postings since Christmas Eve. Some things are automatic on his blog: Janet Rudolph's blog and mine are updated as is the stock market report. But he can't post. For some reason he can IM to Marty and tells us he is safe. But he is not allowed to post his thoughts.

Be thankful of being in the United States. We are so blessed.

Censorship an ugly word.

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