Saturday, January 3, 2009


The holidays are over. And for me lots of stuff has to be done to make them over. We have thank you notes to write. Decorations need to be taken down and put in storage. The house needs to be really cleaned and so does the guest house. The refrigerator needs to be cleaned out. Laundry and ironing need to be done. And then the regular pace of life must move on.

The decorations are down and stored. Laundry is done and most of the ironing is done. Most of the leftovers are out of the frig and in the garbage. I have a one week rule. We don't eat it in a week, it gets tossed. The guest house has clean sheets and towels. The bathrooms sparkle and the kitchen is neat and clean. I spent hours there today washing and cleaning. My house got a lick and and a promise. That promise won't happen until about Friday. Thank you notes maybe tomorrow after we get clean sheets on the guest house beds.

Tomorrow church. A normal thing. Monday my volunteer job at school and then to the county building to marry. Book group begins again on Tuesday. Life goes to normal, whatever that is.

We are beginning a new year. A new slate, a new chance to do things right. Every year people make promises: We will go on that diet. Exercise will become a regular thing. We won't drink so much. We will save money. We will volunteer more. We will vote this election. We will keep in touch with friends and family. We won't nag our wife/husband. We will make time just for our spouse. We will read a book. We will save the world.

All that is well and good. Don't worry about all the above. Just try to live each day a little better than yesterday. Make each day a little bit more fun. Laugh, enjoy. You only get one chance at life, give it your best shot.

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